I’m beginning my journey to becoming a part time freelance writer, aaaand man, It’s hard to get in the door! I have downloaded every freelance job app, and signed up for numerous accounts with other sites, and I think I’ve heard back from only one proposal I’ve sent out so far.  Honestly,  I’m surprised to have heard back,  that’s actually better odds than looking for a traditional job!

To be fair, it’s not like I’ve got any real experience in the field of writing…anything. My real only claim to fame for the industry is that i enjoy writing!  Sports, tech, short stories, and social media would be my jam currently.  If there’s other things I need to look into,  I’m open to learning new things!

To that point, if anyone reading this has any real life pointers and suggestions as far as free to low cost courses I can take for certifications (or do those even really matter?), or any ideas of where to go for starting gigs, please, write in, check out the social media icons at the bottom of the page and shoot me a message if that works better too.

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