Home is where you hang your hat

I’m an army brat, a veteran of the military myself, and even now in civilian life I have continued to move what seems to be about every 3 or 4 years. I have lived in twenty one different homes (by my count…might have missed a few) in eight different states and two countries.

My dad’s service as well as my own, and my current employment have allowed me to visit and experience several different countries (Germany, Italy, Austria, France, Spain, Ireland, Turkey and many more). I would be ignorant to think that my upbringing, coupled with my world travel haven’t had an impact on my thought processes, priorities, and opinions on a multitude of topics. I hope to be able to share with you some of those through this blog.

Currently, and hopefully for quite some time, I live in a small town in south Georgia. its perfect for myself and my family as it is out of the way, and we don’t have much traffic or neighbors. I can allow my kids to run around like banshees and I don’t have to worry so much about society or just people in general.

I’m quite passionate about gun rightsfreedom of speech (the constitution in general), sports (mostly baseball, and football),

and some military topics. I am interested in cars, outdoorsy things like fishing and camping, and I love to explore, and cook.

If any of this interests you in the slightest, then this blog should be a fun ride for the most part. and I welcome you along in this writing journey!

The oft overlooked workhorse of the military in the background, an HC-130J of the 79th Rescue Squadron

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