First post

Is it too cliche to title this “First post”? Eh, I dont really care. This is my space! Hello, readers, my name is Zach, and to be brutally honest and upfront, I have only really started this blog because I have recently gotten interested in social media marketing, freelance writing, and things of that nature. Apparently part of that process is to have an online presence of sorts, and while I do have one, it’s not exactly recent. Anyways, I do actually enjoy writing quite a bit, and I do kick around quite a few ideas in my head from time to time that I enjoy debating, discussing, that need critiquing, or that I just want to share! I welcome feedback of all sorts. I’ve got thick skin, and I can take a beating in the social media-space.

I generally can and will write a little bit about everything. I enjoy research and facts and supporting details. I mostly like writing about sports (baseball, and Houston sports mostly), some current events. I also love to cook so I may share a recipe or two, I also travel quite a bit for work, so I may review some hotels and the like. I like to be argumentative, so, be warned, I WILL post about controversial topics and share my point of view and opinions. If you’re the kind of person that gets bent out of shape over other opinions… this may not be for you. I’ll try to mark those posts for those type people to avoid.

I plan on keeping this site fairly simple to begin with. As time goes on, I plan on adding some features, maybe I’ll post some videos with my ugly mug on here and yall can see and hear me as well. We’ll see how this all goes. For now though, enjoy what I share with you all, and let me know what you think!

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